current owner since 1978. 88k kms.

 Stripped down for total restoration with £10k spent.

 Car complete.  Near Cirencester, Gloucestershire England

Registration number on images is not included.

De Tomaso frontDe Tomaso rear

Sensible offers.

David Bond


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Subject: Longchamp
The Car is LHD. Photos below. Floor well remade as well as spare wheel well and rear light holder. 
Engine number the same. 

I bought the car in 1979 from a Yugoslavian who used to race Panteras. 
I believe he bought it new. 
The mileage is 88k km 55,000 miles and that is supported by the MOT certificates. 
I started total restoration a couple of years ago and the restorer had a chronic heart problem and could no longer work. 
Obviously the car does not look good in current condition but you will be familiar with the problems with that era.
I am not certain what a sensible offer is but am selling and £22k has been suggested. I have two other De Tomaso owners coming to look at it next weekend one of whom has just finished restoring his Pantera and is looking for a new project. He also has a Mangusta. So I will have a better idea then. 
Cars available for sale in Europe seem to range in price from £60-120k and £150-200k for spyders. There was an unrestored spider in good condition being auctioned some weeks ago at Stoneleigh Abbey with an estimate of £100-120k. 
Prices seem at last to be moving for Longchamps. 
A local classic car work shop has 3 aluminium racing heads for this engine. The owner used to race Lola’s and he has always wanted to fit one to this car. 
Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. 
With best wishes 
07770 943858


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