Hi there, I am offering a very rare Longchamp GTS for a friend of mine from Switzerland. He restored this very beautiful car over several years.
The car is first hand and was shown by Automobili De Tomaso at the Auto Salon Paris in 1980 and at the Del Salon Marseille on 2nd.Nov. 1981. Only 13 of this version were built.
All restoration work is accompanied with documents (revised motor, transmission, body, new interior, new dash-board, revised rear axle etc.). The photo album of the whole restoration was signed by Tom Tjaarda.
Chassis Nr. is 892/B/THLCSO 03089.
Please take a look at the pictures of this very “clean” car.
My swiss friend is a famous coachbuilder in Switzerland and restored such rarities like the TVR Trident, Intermeccanica Apollo, De Tomaso Junior and Aston Martin DB2 (etc…). Reason why he sells his Longchamp GTS is that he`s going to retire and therefore giving up his body shop plus his most favourite project (this Longchamp GTS).
The price for this principally new car is 190.000,-- SFr. or near offer.
Please contact me over this forum if you wish further informations.

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Hi my name is Dan i am restoring a 1980 gts Longchamp and would like to see some pictures and modification to this car please send me some information and pictures to dmarmora@hotmail.com thank you
you wrote that this Longchamp GTS is a "first owner car".
my questions are :
- what is the original dealer ?
- what is the date of the first registration ?

I have seen all the photos about this car on this forum and also on the coachbuilder website. I don't find any photo before the restoration.

- what are the proof that this car is an original blue two tones ?
- what is the proof that this car was the 1980 Paris salon car ?

Thanks for your reply

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