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Gang, I’m in need of help with u-joints.
Some years ago I had Uni-Cardan here in Oslo install new u-joints to the driveshafts of my Deauville. They were shot when I bought it.
Now they’re shot again. During a short drive to move the car, I felt like a kangaroo. It weren’t like that when I parked for storage. I first thought the tires were out of round, due to the storage, but no.
I have driven maybe 5000 km with them. But, I believe, they’re shot just because of sitting quietly in the garage. The u-joints doesn’t seem to handle sitting with the cars weight on them. One u-joint is really bad in one direction, another is starting to feel the same.

Is this a known problem for Deauvilles and Longchamps?
Is there a brand of u-joint that is known to be of better quality than others? Unfortunately I can’t find the receipt from Uni-Cardan (now named Powertrain Europe), so no information of current brand.
The dimension is the same as for Pantera; 32 x 106,3 mm.

In advance, Thanks!
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