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Any here; I too saw the one for sale on Bring A Trailer; would need an interior redo and maybe a paint job.

Anyone here own one as rare as they are and could the car be converted to a manual 5 Speed?
I am looking at buying a Ferrari 400 and then this car came along; need something for the family that is classic on a Saturday to that fancy restaurant,lol thanks, Doc, Atlanta
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They are two different beasts a 400 and a Deauville. A Longchamp and a 400 would make a better comparison, dimensionally and handling that is.

As for converting to a manual. I think that you need a second series subframe. This placed the engine 4 inches further back and used a better responding ZF steering rack.

The frame and rack were used on Maserati QP 3 which shares the platform with the later serie Deauville. So if you can find a manual QP 3 for parts than you are good to go!

I would stick to the autobox. It suits the car.

I've never driven a 400 auto, but I spent a week driving a friends 400gt 5-speed around Northern California. It was heaven. The car is a great car to drive and makes awesome sounds. It seats 4 (sort of) and can swallow a weeks worth of luggage.

If not for the horrifyingly complex mechanical systems I'd have bought one. I also love the appearance. Go for it, but get the manual, don't attempt conversion.



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...just my 2 cents, but a (good) Ferrari 400i is an incredible buy (at as low as $20k..), or at least the cheapest 12 cylinder Ferrari you can hope to ever buy, with lots of parts available (both new and used), not really complex, and the automatic really does suit the car. I love mine...I am most amazed that my 30 year old blue-gray coupe gets so many thumbs up...Lee

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