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I hear all this talk about decklid struts/shocks for winged cars and non-winged, and if you apply the stronger struts that are meant for a winged car onto a non-wing decklid that chances are it will result in warping of the decklid, and all kinds of damage. I just don’t see the logic of that reasoning. If you had the stronger struts on a winged car and on a non-winged car, then the pressure applied onto the struts when opening and closing the decklid is the same. The only difference is in how that pressure is applied…in the wing car, the wing offers more pressure onto the hood but on a non-wing car your hands apply the exact same additional pressure to close the hood (it is only harder to close since you don’t have the additional wing weight). Am I missing some type of logic or mechanics I don’t understand about the wing vs non-wing struts? I have the Detomaso factory 18126A struts on my wing car and non wing car.
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I think there is a lot of truth in the rumors. I have seen a decklid that was warped (albeit slightly) with lifting on the outer edges. I assume it is to do with the location and angle of the struts and their 'power/strength'. The struts mounts are placed too close to the decklid hinges (remember your high school physics: fulcrums & bending moments).

I cannot use any decklid shocks on one of my Pantera's as it forces the lip of the decklid into the roof no matter what I do. I'm going to change the mounting locations further rearward on the decklid when I can get to it, but that will require repainting the decklid.
I just find it odd that Detomaso sells a factory 18126A struts, but no one seems to know if they are acceptable for wing car or non-wing car. Most I hear is that it is ok for both...does seem kind of stiff though on a non-wing car. But considering my logic in the original email, I suppose it is ok, otherwise we would see bent decklids with this shock even with non-wing cars.
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The wing struts pushed the driver side front corner of my hood up... I took them off...

What was the number on your struts that did the damage, were they the Factory 18126A struts? If so, I just find it odd the factory would sell a universal strut that damages the body and not indicate 18126A for wing or non wing, or both. No one knows for sure. Maybe it's the italian way...try them, and if they bend and ruin the hood, then take them off.
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