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Why did they make the Pantera? For one thing, touring. Yep the art of driving around and enjoying the experiance of the drive. The Pantera, while it may be a sports car, muscle car, exotic car or whatever you want to turn it into, was designed with touring in mind. So the best way to describe it is with pictures. These were taken last fall on a Saturday trip that my wife and I took.


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  • Saturday,_February_25,_2006
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Originally posted by Mark Mensen:
Great pictures! I would agree that the Pantera is a great touring car. Just travel light Smiler

Thanks Mark. If I recall that day we stopped and boght furnace filters. Plenty or room in the truck. The Pantera came with generous trunk space IMO. We even had room in the front trunk for our doggie bags from the resturant we ate at that night when we came home. It was a real fun day. There is enough room for a couple of small suitcases in the trunk despite the spare and toolbag. My glove box holds all my cassette tapes, all in all, it is perfect for touring.
Thanks everyone for being my buddy!! Smiler
JK, those wheels are Hall Ultras. I was told that they were made from Campies but I can not vouche for that. All I know is yeah they do look cool. Having said that though, I am gonna take them off and go back to the original wheels. They are Gold plated and look pretty cool too. I guess they are something rare too cause they are wider than stock. Eight inch in front and ten inch in rear. But mainly I am doing it to take the spacers out so I can drop my car to the ground. I want it to follow the ground like terrain following radar. I want to look up at Ferraris. See their undercarrages from the driver seat. Big Grin
So once I get the whells and tires off I may sell them if you are interested. But I gotta warn you. They were a lot of money. One guy on the board said I was an idiot to pay that much for them. Maybe so, but I was offering them for half price and he acted all pissed off about it, so I just decided to keep them. At least till I get them off the car. And then I may just keep em anyay, just for car shows and such, cause kids really love those wheels. Thirteen inch wide tires do look awesome on the car, but ya gotta jack the car up so high to keep them from rubbing it isn't near as fun to drive that way. But it is a real pain in the ass puting the spacers in and taking them out again. Aghhh, I ain't sure what I am gonna do.
JK, I love the gold. It has little blue isis thingies in the center to cover up the greese caps on the hubs. It is plumb beutifull. Best of all, I get the car down to where instead of standing up to get out, it is easier just to roll out on the ground. I have to watch for snails on the road though, cause that is the only thing I can't just drive under. It will be great not having to stop for traffic anymore, just drive under whatever is in front of you. Big Grin

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