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I've had my doors apart for the past two months modifying the window regulators and replacing all the rubber seals and window felt. My car did not have cat whiskers or anything else on the outboard side of the windows when I bought it so fixing that was on the list too.

I purchased all the parts from Wilkinson and everything was good with the exception of his replacement cat whiskers, in my opinion. The replacement cat whiskers are too narrow and leave an 1/8” gap between the window and cat whisker on either side of the glass. This might be okay if they are only meant to function as an anti-rattle device but I felt they should act as a seal like on modern cars.

I searched around for some time looking for an alternative and found what I feel is nearly perfect. Fairchild Automotive part# 1181 which I was able to order from part# 118127X3 I had to order 2 packages for a cost of about $60.00 including shipping so it’s not a cheap solution but well worth it in the end.
Installation wasn’t too bad although I did it twice, first the cat whiskers from Wilkinson and then the Fairchild seals. Both Wilkinson and a local glass shop, who I asked just to make sure, recommended gluing the cat whiskers/seals on rather than using screws and clips. Black Napa Silicone works great and since I had to remove the cat whiskers I first installed I can say with authority that they will not come off on their own.

If you want to do this mod/upgrade you’ll want to make sure your window regulators are in good working form and your windows go up and down smoothly, mine do have a tight spot about 3-4 inches from the top. I modified my window regulators with 1998 Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator motors. This is basically the “Taurus Mod” but I took it a step further which required some machining and brazing.


Wilkinson's new on the left and original on the right.

Fairchild 1181 on the left and original on the right.

Napa Black silicone to glue them in.

Wilkinson's cat whiskers installed.

The fairchild #1181 has a nice Flock lining.

Trim to fit. Cut them a little long and sneak up on the contours and angles.

I trimmed the tiny lip off the top of the back of the outboard seal so it fit better under the stainless trim lip. And cut my self! Wear gloves.

Probaly didn't need the extra bead running down the middle.

Folded cardboard holds it in place over night to dry.

And again with a little help of some shims.

The finished product. No more rattles, the doors shut with a solid sound.


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Not sure if you are still monitoring this string, but I have a few questions.  I assume you did NOT use the Wilkinson whiskers AS WELL AS the Fairchild pieces …correct?  Also, it looks like you installed the Fairchild strips on both the outer and as well as the inner “internal” door edges (in other words, in both places you would have installed the old-school whiskers).   It’s been a few years since this was posted, but I did find the same pieces on line.  

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