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I bought a Master Tailgaters digital mirror system and am very disappointed in the image quality, even after trying three different cameras. The marketing materials show clear images, yet I get distortion and a low res image. Wiring the system was difficult as the plug at the mirror is huge and does not easily feed through small apertures.  Now they tell me that the system I bought is not HD.  Have any of you installed a system that you are satisfied with? Wireless would be preferred, but some wiring must be needed to provide power to the mirror and camera.

Attached are three images consisting of the clear image on the mirror brochure, what the mirror camera sees and what my phone sees in the same location. Granted, my phone is not using a wide angle lens.


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  • MR-72-P1 cover photo
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It looks like the image is distorted because it's being stretched the entire width of the mirror. Is there not a setting for the image to occupy 2/3rds of the width, like in the photo?

If you're determined to have a rear view camera/mirror and you aren't satisfied with the one you have, try one of these:

The toughest part of the installation would be adapting the mirror to the Pantera's rear view mirror mount.

My camera system has the abillity to handle four cameras and can run a split screen on the mirror. They have very small cameras that can be stuck to a side body panel and look backwards, but unless you have a black car that wouldn't look too great. It would be interesting to remove the side mirrors entirely and replace them with a cool small aerodynamic bracket that incorporates a camera.

I would not use the Master Tailgaters mirror system that I bought, the mirror images are poor. In time I'm going to replace it with different system because the rear view improves dramatically. 

Yes I was thinking exactly that...was planning on 3D printing the carriers to fit on the existing door mounts. Only problem is the wires - there aren't any holes in the outer door skin and I don't want any unreversible mods - so it'd be good if the cameras were WiFi and battery powered....

Alternatively side view cameras mounted on the edge of the rear lid, if they have to have wires...but they'd need to be really sleek and I don't know about missing out on showing what's right next to the car...

I think there's a hole in the market for this product...!

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