I have searched the forum and can not find where anyone has tried to DIY Rebuilt/Repair OE trunk shocks

I assume  Corte Cosso  ES 9995447K43 / 40mm shocks are original. Mine are in very nice condition cosmetically but one shock sticks. I realize there are a Upgrades, less $$, hassle free, less dangerous (I know I could put an eye out LOL)   and possibly more reliable options- Glutton for punishment I guess.

Anyone ever attempted this? 

Possibly first hand insight? 

Parts sources? 

Thanks in advance  Jerry Sr

( I have an email out to Strutwise as a backup. )

Original Post

 I recall that some years ago an owner found a shop that rebuilt his shocks and he was happy with the product when received. But I also seem to recall they failed a very short time later. 

 I do not recall who the owner was or where he sent them but I believe the post was made to this forum 



Installing a smaller diameter shock in Corte Cosso body could be a very interesting option. Reminds me of the old McPherson strut cartriges.

Corte Cosso shocks must be built like a tank. After 47 years they still hold oil and pressure. (No leaks and firmly hold the hood) Modern hood lifts hardly last 6-8 years.

Thanks for your replies 



My very unglamourus attempt at Peters shock mod. I went with 80lb shocks from Mcmaster-Carr 9416K17 and inserted them into the original housings . (Safely getting the original apart was quite a treat/dangerous, knowing there was still pressure inside) 

I reused the original top mount with thread bushing m10- m6-1.0. . Happened to have a couple of furniture leg protectors that workg greatin centering the bottom in the original tube. 2 rings cut off the smaller softer protector and used as a shim so larger one fit tight inside the larger and 1 as a compressed sealing ring at the top, also flattened the bottom of the larger one to set it a little deeper )   I used all the old washers and clips to hold it all together ( bored out to 18.5mm) , using the press with a couple sockets to compress the sealing washer.   


 Happy with the results ,  may need bump up to 90lb/100lb shocks but the change out will be easy, but no spoiler flat deck it should be enough.  


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