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hey guys i finely broke down and bought my dream motor for my dream car. heres the build ,what do you think any thing i should change ? i was going to go with a soild cam but i dont want to set them all the time ! ill give up the 25-30 hp for my daily driver(well when i have time)
hello wayne here is your combo,

dart iron eagle block 4.125 bore
probe forged pistons dish top 10.1 compression
4340 forged h-beam rods
4340 forged crankshaft 4.000 stroke
total seal ring set file fit
clevite 77 bearing set
pro comp cnc ported 225 cc heads
custom hyd roller cam
link bar lifters roller
custom one piece pushrods
fel-pro gasket set
stacker webber carbs 48-50 mm with intake complete with linkage
msd pro billet dist
msd pug wires
new oem timing cover
water pump high flow
polished tall valve covers
comp cam roller rockers
canton front sump 7qt oil pan
melling high pressure oil pump
arp oil pump drive
billet roller timing chain set
28 0z balancer
280z billet steel flywheel
est . hp....625
complete engine with dyno tune

5-8 weeks for build time
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WAYNE - No offense, but using Pro Comp heads is a real kick in the teeth to the guys whose heads they have knocked off, CHI. I would be willing to bet that once you figure in all the work the Pro Comps will need because they are knock-offs and not as well finished (and are not proven to make the power that CHI's do out of the box) you will end up paying more and get less performance.

Did you know that Pro-Comp uses CHI's flow numbers in their advertising? Really shady. I'll bet they never put their heads on a flow bench, ever.

The CHI's are only $1500 a pair last time I checked. The numbers they have produced are mostly out of the box. Most of the builds you see with them are a pair of out of the box heads.

My 427 with CHI's makes 713hp @ 7000Rpm at the flywheel.

If you don't like the CHI's then check out the AFD's. AFD to has done it the right way by coming up with a head that does steal from others work.

Going with Pro-Comps only supports a bunch of people who have ripped off others hard work.

Just my 2 cents
Originally posted by RichardT:
Yea, you should put that motor in my car.LOL Oh well I can always stay at the back of the pack with Mark. Between your new motor, Deebs new interior and Will's new paint job I think I should hide my car in the garage.
Richard T.

Don't Richard. after all the mods, upgrades and changes everyone is doing, you and I will be the only guys who can still afford to buy gas! Smiler Plus, at the back of the pack, we'll get first dibs on the parts that fall off the cars in front!
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