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Hi guys,
I have a brand new E-Stopp push button ebrake setup for the Pantera I bought from SACC Restorations a few years ago when they were still available. This is a great kit, still in the boxes and wrapping. I bought the kit, the mounting kit with brackets for the Pantera and new brake cables and brake cable hardware. All of it is brand new. I have moved on to restoring #5715 and am no longer working on #3190. My project list is long and money is now tight so I have decided to let it go. I would like to get $650 plus shipping for all of it. Again, you get the e-stopp kit (complete), the mounting kit specifically for the Pantera with bracket (complete) and new ebrake cable with ebrake hardware all brand new and in the original packaging.

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Originally posted by MarsRed:
Thanks for trying, but now I'm feeling more stupid than before.
I pushed the "New Private Message" button.

Originally posted by Husker:
You'll have to add him to your buddy list.

How is this done? The page I see lists "My Contacts" and "Invited Members". ???

Right. Those fields are probably blank. Click on "Find new buddies", Type in "Throttled" and click "Search". A window will open with the search results. Check the box for "Throttled" and click "Add selected members". "Throttled" will now be in your "My Contacts" list on the left. Highlight "Throttled" in this list, click on "Add", then click on "Invite Members". A window will open which is the private message form.
E-Stopp kit is sold. Thanks all.

Didn't want to step on Marc's sale so I waited for the sale to be over to announce the E-Stopp will be coming back very soon for those that also would like to convert to an electronic parking brake. PM me for more information.

His kit was a smoking deal for someone!


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