Amazing that 30 gauges for a Goose pop up...!great prices, with AMPS in universal language but Benzina and Oil pressure for Euro...Fuel gauges seem to be without the fuel reserve light, which is correct for Goose and not right for most Pantera.
Originally posted by Mat_G:
jup naming is European version also the value of press olio..not psi but bar , dot missing anyways

30 psi app 2.04 atm or bar

Not sure what you mean about dot. My Euro Mangusta has same Oil Pressure gauge. I have also looked at half as dozen Euro Geese and they all seem to have same gauge 0-50
ok ??

I have a Euro goose and just looked at half dozen other Geese and they all seem to have a PSI gauge but they do not say PSI or BAR just PRESS OLIO. Do the Euro Pantera have BAR notation?

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