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I went through a box of odds and ends that came with my deauville today and I came across the original remote mirror control unit. It came with the electric Vitalony Toronado unit.
The mirror is long gone already and I have replaced it with a Jaguar XJS unit.
This one is electric as well, even heated,

My question is, does anyone know which wire on the vitaloni unit does what? And, it is feasable to hook it up on the Jaguar unit?
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Thanks for the info! I'll keep you posted on the progress wit hooking up the XJS mirror.


I'll thry to take a photo of it this week. It is a chrome unit, only on the drivers side. I had to grind back the top half of the foot since it was too round for a proper fit. It was a half hour job and you can still use the original plastic gasket once you're done.
It is a little larger than a Vitaloni unit but not so that it looks out of place on a deauville.
For me it blends in well with all the other chrome and the serie 1 chrome bumpers that it have.

For your info also. A few years back I came across a Swiss Longchamp GTS in pretty much your grey colour that had Porsche 924/944 mirrors fitted. The square colour coded ones which were electric and heated as well. It had a center console mounted control unit which was not a porsche unit for shure.
I had a 924 turbo back then and it seemed that, after comparing, to me that the mounting plates had very little or even no modifications done to it. Looked very good and blended in very nice with the square look of a GTS.
The vendor was very persitend in saying that it was an original factory option. Who knows?
Maybe Wellis can shed some light on this?

OK, so now it's my turn to get lost in the wiring. Jani's good mirrors and joysticks are going on my car, but I can't get it to work electrically.

All 3 electric mirrors I now have are the same wiring: red, light blue, yellow, yellow

And of course in each door there's plus and ground.

From Jani I also got 2 new joysticks, marked LH and RH. The LH has one more wire, not sure why, what else than move in 4 directions could it do?

LH: white/black, white/light blue, yellow, light blue, red/black, red
RH: white/black, white/light blue, yellow, light blue, none, red

Does anyone know how to hook these up? Burned enough fuses now... When I was most successful I could get the mirrors to move left/right but not up/down.
Tested it now and it worked fine with the RH joystick. The LH worked occasionally. Took it apart, somebody has tried to solder it, and the thing that switches from one mirror to another when the joystick is turned is gone.

So now I need:
Either a new LH 6 wire joystick (and wiring from one door to the other)
Or a new RH 5 wire joystick, then I have to adjust right mirror from inside of door (need long arms)
Anybody got these??


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Managed to build 2 functioning of the 3 joysticks I got. One of them was a two mirror type, but the internal slide that you use to choose which mirror to control was missing and it had been soldered quite a bit.

So in the end I gave up on controlling both mirrors from one joystick, and now have joysticks on both doors. Just need very long arms now...
M- welcome to the world of works as designed. Some of my most Fond memories of my aunt yelling at my mother that she had touched to passenger joystick. I know that some of the later cars had the one joystick, but my aunt always had a California mirror that she loved on the driver side with a mechanical stick. I had the job of painting it when someone had run into it. It always seemed to happen when we were at that Rome racetrack.

It always seemed to happen when we were at that Rome racetrack.

Big Grin Good one

this was found when we were moving a bunch of the paperwork from the factory last month

You didn't happen to find a Longchamp wiring diagram???

Today I put new loudspeakers in the Champ, the old original ones sounded like under water. That involved working in the rear seat with a crowbar, a chisel and a sledgehammer! A bit scary. Eeker They’re in and sound a lot better...
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