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Mike you have a very rare car. I have a 74L but a 5S has always been my dream. Whatever you do I wouldn't change anything that can't be altered back without difficulty like altering the coating etc on your inner fenders. All parts removed I would clean, bag, and label for safe keeping. With that being said I am often a "Day 2" type of mod guy that likes some period correct personlization. Your block and ZF look clean I think a simple addition would be polished Detomaso valve covers, to add some shine. Polished coolant tanks would also brighten things. Your intake manifold and its hardware could use a good detailing. It could be switched out for a polished one, but a good cleaning leaving it natural might suffice for you. Polishing or cleaning the fins on the Detomaso air cleaner label will make a difference too, as would the ones on the valve covers. What you have is beautiful, a little elbow grease and an SOS pad may make a world of difference for you. That air cleaner assembly is so cool. Good luck!

The 9000 VIN series Embo coaches are much more industrial looking with square edge inner fenders rather than stamped form. I chose to leave my GT5 black as I don't think the paint option would come out well on the square edge Embo panels. If your GT5S is bone stock I would leave it that way, or at most use the black bed liner approach if you want to clean it up a little. Bone stock GT5S cars are a handful, so be prepared to detract some value as soon as you start modifying it.

I think you could clean it up, fill some holes, and maybe do some bedliner, but you should keep that engine at least looking like it’s factory.

Take that airbox off and clean it up, maybe repaint with wrinkle finish or something that matches what you have now.

Don’t get too crazy, it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind vehicle. There’s only a small number of Amerisports, and probably only one or two still running that air box.


You could install a pair of 351-HO or Boss-351 aluminum rocker covers in place of the steel ones. Our Pantera came with them plus a date-stamped Boss/HO baffled oil pan but not the HO heads. They were included on those optional engines from Ford and are finned black wrinkle finished with no cast logos. Only a 1" flat area in the center for very small Ford steel spark plug wire separators. All this might even be 'stock' if ordered from DeTomaso back in the '80s! Not sure what was stock on an Amerisport GT5-S. Peter, how many did Kirk build?

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