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Happy new year to all!

1044 is coming along nicely with the bodywork, and will soon be going in for paint. One area that myself and the painter aren't sure on is the engine door vents. Should they be open or closed? I cant seem to get a answer set in stone. If anyone could confirm, that would be great. Ours are closed off, and seem to have not been touched from new.



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My car, 8MA670, has a panel with a water drain outlet connected to a small hose.

This is a typical approach to allowing air into the compartment and managing water. If you look closely there is a gap between the panel and the engingine cover on the back side.

It is pop-riveted to the engine cover.  I have heard that some cars did not have this panel.


The panel behind the louvers are not sealed all the way around, not mine anyway.

That allows air to enter or exit  the engine compartment. My car is away or I would test it with some wool tufts.  I am sure that there isn't very much air going through there, either way.

If you drive a Mangusta in the rain and then open the engine compartment you will find that everything is dry, meaning that there is positive air pressure present.

My car hs a very efficient front air dam, that could affect it.



The "closed ones" are of two styles......built that way out of the sheet metal so that there is no open option without getting violent with a cutting wheel!  ....and made with a separate cover piece (as the guys mentioned above) pop-riveted in place, with a drain at the bottom that routed water over the wheel well and out....

You may find the hose tucked into the cover recess around the wheel opening! That's where I found covers.....just hoses!  Not efficient......

If you check out your frame work around these vents, look for tiny rivet holes in the ribs of the under works.  It is likely that yours may have been removed.  I hadn't heard of any cars not getting something to cover the vents........doesn't mean that a few didn't slip thru....missing them.

They don't really vent much in my opinion......just look good!!!


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