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  • Photograph everything before you take it apart. Get good detail shots of hoses and wires.
  • Get a box of 1QT and 1GAL Ziploc® baggies. Organize the bolts and nuts associated with the component they came from.
  • Optional to order a set of SS bolts from E-bay and replace them at assembly. Looks nice.
  • Label each wire with a piece of masking tape and a Sharpie®.
  • A chain bridle with bolts placed in the second to last header bolt hole is almost perfect balance for a fully dressed motor and trans (see photo). Put extra straps / ropes on the tail of the trans and wrapped around the boom of the crane to get it tail high for exit and entry.
  • Get a few of those heavy furniture moving blankets and cover any potential impact point of the body.
  • If the trans fluid is fresh, don't bother draining it. It will not leak out.
  • Have celebratory beer handy when the job is done! Big Grin


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