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Many of you will remember Gregg Esakoff and his Pantera that were regulars at the PCNC Speed Trial track events. 
Looks like he recently made it out to the Utah Motorsports Campus and he has posted an eight minute in-car video on YouTube.

Follow along with the multiple on-screen data displays and enjoy. 

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Originally a ’71 production model, this Pantera has been purpose built and highly developed for road race applications capable of 1.5 Gs lateral. Professional build includes full cage/chassis stiffening, weight reduction, safety systems, engineered suspension w/ post-rig modelling, splined adjustable ARBs, high capacity brake system, reliable high power / broad torque-band engine and strengthened gearbox. Fresh engine, clutch, transaxle, brake system, fully sorted and ready to race.


Chassis #-1606 (Montana title)

Best Engineered PI Magazine 2005

Extreme Panteras book 2017 (Pgs 258-261)


Weight: 2906 lbs



  • Engine Builder: Pfaff Racing Engines
  • Manufacturer: Ford Motorsports
  • Type: 6.7L (407 CID) Road Race Custom Build
  • Power: 712 HP @ 6200 RPM, 649 Tq @ 4800 RPM
  • Induction: Kinsler 2.5” IR w/ custom airbox & ITG-IRL panel filter
  • Heads: Ford SVO aluminum B3 flow bench modified
  • Block: Ford SVO 351W aluminum dry sump (M-6010-K351)
  • Main Caps: Forged steel ARP 4-bolt
  • Crankshaft: 3.85” Lunati forged Signature Series, lightened, nitride, internally balanced
  • Connecting Rods: Carrillo, 6.25” H-beam, full floater
  • Pistons: RaceTec 4.10” forged 13.4:1 CR w/ lateral gas ports & 1.2/1.5/3.0mm ring set
  • Camshaft: Comp Cams roller, IN .693”/ EX .672” lift
  • Valves: Manley Titanium, Isky Tool Room valve springs w/ oil spray-cooled covers
  • Valve Train: Jesel Pro Series shaft rockers, Isky Extreme Zone roller lifters
  • Cam Drive: Yates belt drive system
  • Exhaust: Custom 180 deg 38” stepped-tube headers, merge collectors w/ cone resonators
  • Total Time: 1.5 hours (including dyno time)





Fuel System

  • Fuel Cell: Custom aluminum
  • Manufacturer: Coast Fabrication
  • Age: Certified 9/1/17
  • Capacity: 13.5 gal + 2 gal surge tank
  • Fuel Pump: (2) Bosch 200LPH @75psi and (1) Mallery 530LPH primary
  • Injectors: Bosch 48lb/hr matched
  • Fuel Type: Leaded-110 octane min. (tuned for VP C10 or Sunoco 112)

Oil/Water System

  • Radiator: Howe Racing aluminum 2.5” 2-pass
  • Water Pump: Drake Racing w/ reduction drive
  • Oil Cooler: Fluidyne water/oil
  • Oil Pump: Barnes 5-Stage
  • Oil Capacity: Stef’s 16 qt remote reservoir

Electrical System

  • Ignition: Motec M48-Pro ECU w/ MSD crank trigger & Denso coil-per-plug
  • Alternator: Denso 100A by Powermaster
  • Battery: Odyssey PC925 w/ main disconnect
  • Data Logger: Motec ADL dash
  • Sensors: IR tire temps, dampers, XYZ accel, steering, brake pressures, speed, engine & gearbox
  • Computer: 15” Laptop PC w/ custom Motec i2Pro maths & reports (included)


  • Manufacturer: ZF-2 race built by RBT
  • Type: 5-speed
  • Gear: 4.22:1 (8.5 hours)
  • Shifter: Short throw modified
  • Trans Cooler: Fluidyne air/oil, electric pump w/ filter and fan (4.5 qt)
  • Custom components: Oliver high strength/hardened input shaft and 4th gear set (.826:1)
  • Clutch: McLeod 2-disk MagForce w/ 7 lb aluminum flywheel (0 hours)
  • Speed Sensor: Hall-trigger wheel output shaft
  • Axles: Custom high strength w/ Timken bearing modified uprights
  • Half Shafts: Custom CVs


  • Color: PPG Yellow by Hall Pantera
  • Livery Graphics: Multi-gray block camo wrap by Wrap Hive
  • Condition: Good
  • Rear Aero: 60” carbon wing, adjustable rake and 3/8” Gurney insert
  • Front Aero: Air dam with 12” carbon canards
  • Windows: Lexan w/ hard coat
  • Doors: Composite
  • Lids: Front-Aluminum, Rear-Composite
  • Roof scoop/airbox: Composite
  • Other: Custom aluminum rocker panels/side skirts


  • Builder: DeTomaso modified by Coast Fabrication
  • Weight distribution: 44% Front / 56% Rear; 51% Left / 49% Right w/ driver
  • Material: Steel tub, 1.75” steel tube roll cage and chassis stiffeners
  • Front Suspension: Aluminum hubs, modified upper a-arms, camber-locks and solid bushings
  • Rear Suspension: Adjustable upper a-arms and solid bushings
  • Dampers: Ohlins TTX36IL 3-way coil-overs custom built by RE Suspension (2.5 hrs)
  • Springs: F-660 lb / R-970 lb w/ Torrington bearings (2.25F / 2.33R ride frequency)
  • ARBs: Custom solid/splined 1.25” system w/ adjustable links (1.29 to 1.56 deg/G roll gradient)
  • Brakes: Front-Wilwood GNR6 Front w/ 13.1”x 1.25” rotors, Rear-Superlite 4 w/ 12.2”x .81” rotors,          PFC pads 11F/97R compounds, ducted cooling, Wilwood peddle box, Tilton bias control
  • Steering: Factory rack & pinion, bump-steer centered
  • Wheels: CCW Corsair C14 forged monoblock 18x10 Front, 18x12 Rear
  • Tires: Pirelli Pzero slicks, 265/660-18 DH Front, 325/660-18 DH Rear


  • Color/Finish: Black paint, aluminum fab finished
  • Fire System: Deist Safety Cold-Fire w/ 6-nozzles
  • Restraints: Roll cage-5pt Schroth belts and window net (Certification current)
  • Seats: Momo FIA (2)
  • Gauges: Motec ADL Dash
  • Steering Wheel: Momo MOD30 R1960/32SHB w/ ADL controls and NRG 3.0 quick release hub
  • Driver Cooling: CoolShirt 13 qt system and Bicknell 100 cfm helmet blower
  • Other: 7” LCD monitor/rearview camera


  • 2nd wheel set- CCW C14 Forged MonoBlock 18x10 Front, 18x12 Rear w/ Pzero slicks
  • Denso-Powermaster alternator
  • ARB bars by Speedway Engineering
  • Gurney insert
  • Brake components
  • Clutch components
  • Exhaust turn-down diffusers
  • Roof air scoop mold tooling
  • Chassis set-up sheets & engineering analysis reports

Engineering Support

  • Optimum-G chassis data analysis and engineering consultation
  • Damping study, virtual post-rig simulations and Ohlins damper design specifications
  • ARB roll stiffness/distribution analysis, modeling tool and component specifications
  • MoTec logged data analysis, math channel development and custom i2Pro workbook templates

For more details, build files, etc available for serious purchase enquiries. Contact: Gregg Esakoff 714-742-3442,



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