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Hello PI Friends, I've owned this book since new and it is indeed a glorious pictoral of well-done modified Panteras.

Over 300 pages of exquisite photography, fun owner intrigue, and of course the foreword by Tom Tjaarda is worth the read all by itself.

Anyway, I'm whittling down my rather full library and have listed it here. Hoping a PI fan and member will choose to own it for their collection.

More Pantera books to come. Thank you.


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@rocky posted:

Thanks, but the real question is if you have a copy of “How to buy a classic car long distance over the telephone”?



Ha! You may have the best memory on the entire internet. Heck, I'd half forgotten I wrote that! But I did save about 3 copies as my first ever book. Maybe they'll be worth list price someday! Thanks for the recollection.

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