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I started this Post September 28th 2019 and just now solved my issues May 8th 2021.

After watching You Tube video after video I went for a pair of 50 Second Element Extinguishers.

They tuck in with one behind each of the mounts no drilling no installation no loss of space for something I hope I never have to use.

The 6 Point harness issue was solved some time ago.

Thanks to All who helped.

Emenent 1Element 2


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So..... you are T-boned on the drivers rear, you manage to exit the vehicle just as fuel ignites. You reach into the cabin to retrieve the small, unsecured “extinguisher” and find the force of the impact has thrown it somewhere other than where you think it should be. ☹️☹️

please consider a bracket, or some adhesive strips of Velcro for a no-holes solution, to help ensure you can actually find this “extinguisher” should the need ever arise.

My humble 2¢


There is a part of me that misses the Vintage Look of a red tank anchored to an interior location.

Also what will I use to chock the rear wheel of the Pantera at the next Car Show..

I have an extra folding wheel chock from my Mercedes that does fit neatly into my aftermarket deTomaso Tool Bag.

My Pantera is quite a long way away from being original so I guess there are no Rules for me.

I typically keep my nose out of things, but I've always thought that stuffing a fire extinguisher under a tire at a car show is silly, and just invites theft or damage.

As for the mounting, this is how I do it in my stock Pantera. No new bolts. Very secure and easily accessible. For my Group4 it is on a bracket between the seats mounted to the roll cage.


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Very basic recommendations from someone who has lived through two Weber engine fires. One put out by a passing trucker, the other by myself a year later. Sometimes, I'm a fast learner! I bought an extinguisher for every car I owned before I fixed the damage from the 1st fire.

1)- Pick a gaseous or foam media extinguisher in 2-1/2 lb minimum size. Damage & clean-up from powder extinguishers sometimes exceeds the damage & cleanup that occurs from just running away and letting the sucker burn.

2)- if you go for a mounted-on-board fire system, don't make the mistake of aiming one (or more) nozzles at the driver's face! Its impossible to make any rational decisions during an on-board fire, with a faceful of extinguishent (according to a nationally known racing safety expert- not me!)

J DeRyke

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