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The first "informal" Canadian get together started off with my drive from Montreal to Ottawa to visit Mark Charlton on Saturday. I stopped at his home, met his lovely wife and then we drove to his shop to look at his fine 1971 Pantara #1826. Mark's a super nice guy and has purchased and refurbished a shop full of cool parts. This is going to be one very special, pristine white Pantera.

I had an awesome ride there and back and although I got stopped on the way home by an ugly brown unmarked Crown Victoria, there was no ticket. Turns out they saw me on the way down and thought they'd give me a "warning" on the way back.

Then on Sunday Robert Di Tota dropped by my house. I heard an amazing story of his purschase of #6145 in Montana. We went over some parts he's installing in his nice two tone red and black '74. His new radiator is arriving from PI this week and he should be on the road real soon. Robert and I talked about two or three more Panteras that live near us.

Mark also told me about another Pantera in his neighborhood and few more close by. We should all be ready for a more formal get together with a few more cars in the next month or so. Any owners who live nearby please let us know where you are.

Pantera nuts from NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT and PA who are looking for something fun to do, should know that it's a short ride to Montreal. And there's nothing like summer in this city. Let's try to add a nice Pantera flavour to our well known Jazz Festival, Comedy Festival, Grand Prix and enjoy our many great restaurants and outdoor bars.
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I must say that David is being very kind. Not about my lovely wife (she really IS lovely...), but I'm not sure I've ever been called "super nice" before! David's ride puts mine to shame, but then he's probably one of only a few who have owned TWO Panteras at once, and his standards are pretty high. It was really fun to watch all my neighbours stop and stare as he rolled down the street, complete with a police escort (coincidence). We had a great visit and I am really looking forward to the next one on his turf. Lots for me to learn from a true expert.

I'm looking forward to meeting our latest local Pantera owner — Jonathan, who is expecting his car in only a few days. We are working on getting everyone together and we'll definitely take some high-quality photos for the PI Magazine.
Cyboman, it's only 4 or 5 hours to Montreal. I'll meet you half way and give you an personal escort.

As for the nice comments, from my Canuck buddies, I still drool over other guys cars and have so much to learn. It's taken me 20 years to be ready by April 1. And I still haven't made it Vegas or Monterey! Well, maybe Pocono and Monterey this year.
Michael rather than going through NYC take the 91n to the 89n and I think you are about 5-5 1/2
hr drive from the greatest summer festival city in the world. Festivals start beginning of June and end around September. Bring a few other panteras down with you impossible to regret. You can't possibly imagine a city with so much life. I'm sure you'll be back over and over. Looking forward to meeting all you pantera guys and gals.
I've been posting this message evereywhere, hoping that someone will bite.

I am exactly 1000 miles from Toronto. Mille Migle anyone?

"Hello Everyone,
This is just an invite to everyone in the community to come up to the Atlantic Nationals this summer being held in Moncton, New Brunswick. I will be there with my 72 Pre-L.
It is a great show, check out their website."
Mark, I think you've got an excellent Idea there. I really want to take in the Pocono-CSD, but can't this year due to scheduling conflicts. (AAARGH) I am going to make sure that I'm there next year with my car. I hope you issue rain checks! Smiler

Please post some photos in the gallery section so we can all see what we're missing. The photos from previous events make it look outstanding.
I'm available almost any weekend from June 11th to (including) July 26th, so I toss the ball back at you guys to see what works in your schedule. Either Ottawa and/or Montreal.

On July 26th there's a Ford show at our largest local dealer, and I am planning on disturbing the peace with a little Italian influence. There were lots of Cobras there last year, but no Panteras. There's also an Italian week in June with a few small events. There's a great Blues Festival and much more depending on your tastes and interests. Let me know if you want assistance in planning anything. I'll try to rally the local cat owners if I know a date we could all meet on.
Dates so far:

June 18th - Italian Week Car parade and show.

July 24th - July 24, Super Ford Spectacular. Campbell Ford, Ottawa , On. Dave Schyff 613-835-2090

July 7—17th Ottawa Blues Fest.

General Ottawa Tourism Info:

Let me know if you want more info on anything in specific.
And an even earlier event on June 4th:

The return of the Exotic Car Parade to the Italian community on Preston Street has again captured exotic car enthusiasts' imaginations!

All cars wishing to participate in the Parade (1130-1300h) are to be on site in the Paddock (the parking lot off Beech Street just east of Preston St.) by 0800h to allow for proper alignment of automobiles.

Following the Parade, we have a "demo" zone set out on Carling Avenue (Between Preston St & Champagne) where we are permitting the automobiles to safely "rev their motors and stretch their legs" a bit. This part is not obligatory, however, it should be fun. Race cars, including an historic F1 car (ex-Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari 312-T), will also participate.

Let me know if anyone wants more info on this.
They all sound great Mark. Depends on dates that work for everyone. Once we have a date I'll be happy to help organize activities.

Here are some dates for things going on in Montreal.

June 9th to June 12th
Canadian Grand Prix

June 18th to July 30th 2005
The Montréal Fireworks

June 30th 2005 to July 10th 2005
26th Montreal International Jazz Festival

July 1st 2005
Canada Day Celebration

July 14th to 24th 2005
Just For Laughs Festival
514. 845.2322

Montreal info:
Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
Dates so far:

June 18th - Italian Week Car parade and show.

Let me know if you want more info on anything in specific.


The Exotic & Race Car Parade is sponsored by the business community and is no longer affiliated with the Italian Week festivities in the area as it was for 2003 and 2004. The link to my site is the program for Italian Week. We have not officially been given authorization to promote the Exotic Parade as of yet but if you look at you'll get the picture as to what's happening this year.
Frank's Auto Centre has put on a parade of Italian cars for many many years now. Mostly Fiats and Alfas. I didn see a Pantera there last year if I'm not mistaken! They make their way to Parliament Hill and back. Nothing fancy, just a celebration of Italy as part of the festivities for Italian Week.

The Ferrari parade started up in 2003, as part of Italian Week and drew tons of folk from all over the city. It was a REAL BIG HIT! Not so in 2004 when the organizer had to learn the hard way that the "free" and "on the street" bits had to be there for any enthusiasts to benefit. He's putting those elements back into the program for this year. The F1 car is new this year and the thrashing in a more controlled strip on Carling should be a gas...if the times are well known before hand.

Greg Hotte, the event publicist, is supposed to let me know more but he's a busy guy. How'd you find out about the F1 car?
You weren't looking closely enough last year (or you were on the hill and we were all driving down Sparks Street - complete with police escort), or maybe white Panteras just don't stand out. Who knows, but I was there. Ron W sent me some info on this year's event and I'm waiting for some more, but it looks interesting. I will try to get a few of the other guys to participate as long as it's not an all-Ferrari event. You?


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Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
You weren't looking closely enough last year (or you were on the hill and we were all driving down Sparks Street - complete with police escort), or maybe white Panteras just don't stand out. Who knows, but I was there. Ron W sent me some info on this year's event and I'm waiting for some more, but it looks interesting. I will try to get a few of the other guys to participate as long as it's not an all-Ferrari event. You?

I caught sight of your car on Norman before or after the tour up to the hill. Believe me, it stands out. Nice job keeping it together. Alas, I gave up on my ride a few years back. Had a yellow 1970 Lotus Europa. Drove it hard (I'm still apologizing to all the citizens I may have encountered on the road). Sheesh, ya only live once. Anyways, it still exists. The guy who bought it and restored it is still alive.

Oh, BTW, I grabbed this photo while stopping by the liquor store on Wellington. Yours?


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As a prelude warm up to the weekend event, the organizer is showing off the 1980 Ferrari 312 driven by Gilles Villeneuve tomorrow, Friday, 27May05 at 12:15 to 1:00 pm at Johnny Guido's (Preston and George).

Guido's has a large patio with lots of tables with umbrellas. They have a deli counter, coffee, and assorted drinks. They are opposite Sakto's construction site so there might be some dust and noise. Sakto's got a 1200 spot parking garage with entrance on Rochester just up Aberdeen.

Drop all your plans and be there.

Scott Fowler

If you view the webpage for info about the weekend event, please plug the google ads so we can put some pennies in our pocket. Couldn't hurt. Thanks.
Show up at Preston Street near Carling before 9 (they asked for 8 - ha). Pray for nice weather. Baring unforseen catastrophes, I'll be there. I'm trying to get at least one other local Pantera to show, but no response yet.

Here's a photo showing my progress on 1826. I'm hoping the worst is behind me now...


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Check out the programmed events on my website. The contact information is the last slide. I just added links for location maps and street closures to the fri,sat,sun pages.

What the street closures tell you is that the "speed Zone" where invited cars (of those registered participants) will thrash up and down Carling seems to be extended to the top of the hill just before the Civic hospital. I had initially thought it would be between Champagne and Preston, but only curb lanes are closed for that section for whatever time is posted. The entire strip on Carling (Irving to Booth) is closed from 9am to 6pm! The south side of Carling between Irving and Preston is all nice grass knolls. NCC property methinks. Who knows where the best vantage spot is? Top of Dow Honda's roof?

I am the Pantera owner that lives "a stones throw" from Mark (no more than 5 minutes away).

I just got off the phone with Mark and there should be a get together this Saturday here in Ottawa.

FYI. I own a '74 that I purchased in 1990 from a guy in Calgary Alberta. It is now up on jacks. I am changing the A/C hoses, putting in a new radio antenna and giving it a tune-up.
To which I say: pull it off the jacks, blow the dust off it, plug the AC hoses and join us on Saturday! It's too bad that you won't have your cat on the road that quick, but I really hope that you can come and cheer us on and meet Rob and Dave form Montreal and Jonathan from Kanata who is planning to be there also. See you Saturday!

I will try. BUT, I regularly go to Montreal on Business. As a matter of fact - I will be there Thursday June 2, 2005.

I am changing the A/C hoses. After having the system charged 3X and failing, the A/C techs finally found the leaks - basically all the old hoses. You guys probably know the job. (It requires removal of all the interior except the carpets and head liner). I am a guy that can't take the humid heat. Driving around with a hurricane when the windows are down doesn't let me listen to the sweet sound of the engine.

I basically do ALL the work on my car - and I have done quite a bit over the last 15 years. I think I know how to do almost everything. The only things I do not do require specialised expensive tools and certification - Like A/C. I will try to make it for the week-end. It all depends when I get the car put back together.

I do plan to make it out to the Corsa Italiana car display Saturday June 18 here in Ottawa. My executive assistant said that Mark had his white car out last year.

I don't know my S/N off hand. I will post it next time.
Anyway it a "classic" '74 orange car - original paint. The same colour in Road and Tracks 50 Best Cars for 50 years. (N.B. In 1974 their choice was the DeT Pantera). I have not done any exterior work and it is rust free. It has its share of dents and dings. Mark dropped by last year and had a look.

Wish me luck.
I came over around 8pm to help out and you were still at work! Oh well, got to stretch my car's legs a bit down Hunt Club and along Russell Road. Sooooo nice to finally be back on the road with it. You're really going to enjoy it when you're done. Let me know if you want any help.
We have recent photos on our website of the Ottawa Exotic & Race Car Parade events on Saturday.

We will be adding more shots as they come in and after some processing.

Any participants or spectators with digital resources they'd like posted on our site, please contact me for logistics.

Scott Fowler

Winner of MOST IMPRESSIVE MECHANICALS ...Pantera! I have to get in touch with that guy! No shots of his on the site as of yet, but, sheesh....
Like I said we were out numbered 50 to 1, but it seems like the PANTERAS left a lasting impression. In the pictures we might have impressed to the point that there are 10 times more pantera pics than any individual ferrari. By the way I think you are referring to David's engine. Ya sheeesh!!!!!! Leave him a note on this page he'll get back to you soon.
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