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Good Morning,

During my trip to PI Motorsports someone talked me into buying a radiator even though I already had a Ron Davis Rad on order. 

Includes thermostat/fan switch, top and bottom rubber support bushings.  Does not include a fan relay harness kit.

Asking $1K and I will pay shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.  If you are in Arizona I can deliver.  Open to reasonable offers.  I paid around $1300 and picked it up myself.




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It seems the going price for the rad is $702 to $758 and PIM sells their fan kit for $450. That's for 2 fans and mounting brackets; no shroud. They don't say whose fans they use. You'd think they'd mention it, if they were Spal fans or some other high quality fan. With switch, bushings and tax, I can see how you paid $1300.00

$1,000 is a good deal depending on the fans. If they are Spal fans, it's a good deal. If they are cheap "Made in China" fans, $1,000 is too much.

Have you tried returning everything to PIM? I know they are difficult when it comes to such things, even when the part they sold you is wrong, but it's worth a try. Perhaps if you pay a reasonable restocking fee?

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