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Hey Derrick,

I hope you had an enjoyable drive home. Here are some links to different wheel threads that we spoke about at dinner in Kingston. I hope they're helpful and contain the info you're seeking. If you don't find what you're looking for here, let me know and I'll help you hunt it down.

It was nice to meet you and your beautifully painted blue Pantera. I hope you make it to Pocono in the Spring!

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Thanks Michael, i will look through the links.
Yes it was great to sit down at dinner and talk to you and your brother and next time we can sample all the different Canadian beers available. It was a good time and look forward to seeing you and that fantastic car again.
Here are some links to my different websites.

Nice webpages! The blown Mustang looks hairy. Do you track it, or is more of a Pro-Street car? I really like the '70 Boss 302 Mustang. That body style is amongst my favorites of the Mustangs.

I thought the yellow Boss 302 Mustang was blue when you first got it, but I see the blue one is another Mustang. Do I dare ask what your daily driver is?

Your cars look great, and the yellow Boss 302 you started up in the video sounds pretty serious!

Where do you keep the Pantera?

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