I was going to suggest you post more photos here, but I found this ad on Kijiji.


I'm surprised no one has asked yet, but any potential buyers on the forum would want to hear about:
Body condition - any rust, paint condition, any accidents over the years
Mileage/Kms (26K in the Kijiji ad)
Transmission - how smoothly does she shift, any grinding or hesitation going into any gears
Details have disappeared, but the asking price was $55k (Canadian) - hence it sold quickly. From the pictures it looked like a nice car and the owner had responded to my questions that it was rust free, no accidents, and no problems with the ZF.
There were no underbody shots, and I don't know if anyone went out to look at the car on behalf of the buyer - hopefully the new owner will join the forum and keep us posted on where the car ends up and their experiences with it.
There is another GT5 that is available in the Toronto area, but there has been mixed results talking to the owner, the price seems a bit fluid, and no one has seen the car yet - I believe he's looking for $75K CDN.
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