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4 years ago I put together a 'cost no object' set of wheels/tires for my show Mangusta. After researching for a while I chose Roger Krause Racing in Castro Valley, CA as my destination. I could drive there from Tahoe and see my options. I found that this set of Dunlop vintage tires enabled me to have matching fronts, rears AND spare (which is a very skinny version that fits under the wing engine covers). To me, the ultimate tire set and I paid dearly for them. ($2,088. for the set). Later the car sold overseas, purchaser opted out of the tires, so they were never used, never saw the road. Still wearing production stickers, etc. Yes, they are a few years old (2009 tires). Gonna price them at $900. That's 5 tires, complete COOL set for a 'goose'. Expect up to $200. to ship, they are big and bulky, especially those rears. Mike S.


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Originally posted by Bob Ekman (8MA528):
Have any pictures of how they looked on the car?

They made their way onto rims and never made it on to the car before removal and storage. Working on the photo. I cant seem to resize and post a photo all of a sudden, please research this forum as I have posted photos of the wheels and tires mounted in the past in my garage. I went a little bigger than 'stock' to aesthetically fill out the wheel wells up front, but comfortable I didnt go overboard and too big. I am fairly sure these tires are already sold. I will update...
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