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There are 2 for sale in UK, one finished 66 and one a project 67.

The finished one was done by a racer I know who has built a few of these.  If it's the one I've seen it's very smart and gets lots of attention.  Bonhams have it in their auction at Goodwood Revival in 10 days.  It says its UK registered (V5C certificate) so should be easy to register in Holland and no taxes as inter EU. With low Pound / Euro rate could be a good time, Auction market is slow in UK too at moment.

The second is a project and I race with Dealer selling it (Matt Moore).  He usually deals with Land Rovers but always has lots of unusual stuff around.  That's a 67 9400cc Diesel heavy duty truck project but lot cheaper. Don't know of any weight limits in Holland so check weight.  Also UK registered. Tell him Larry with GT350 Mustang gave you his number (+44 7957 338503).


Take your choice.......!!!!



(I couldn't seem to paste the actual advert but the search should get you there)


Good luck, sounds a great project

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