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My tire guy claims he's found two pairs of Toyo Proxes S/T in the desired 295/50/15 size in a warehouse in MA. He's an independent fellow I've used for several years for tires for my personal vehicles. He quoted a cost of $270/pr.

I've asked he check and confirm they are indeed what we're looking for.

If they are the real deal and anyone is interested in them, let me know and I'll commit to buy. You can contact me through the forum PM.

I'll pick them up and get you a pack and ship estimate from UPS or Fed Ex to your address.

They are kind of heavy so this may be signifigant. For example, a 30"x30"x15" box at 35 pounds (one tire) would cost about $72 from my nearby UPS shipping center (Plaistow, NH 03865) to a CA residential address.

Forward me the $ and off they'll go.

The front "mates", Proxes 4 in 225/50/15 are still easy to come by, I'm told.

I have no stake in this other than I really like the set I've got on my car and want to share the experience.
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It seems the Toyo Proxes ST size that's perfect for the rear of our Panteras (295/50-15) is becoming scarce, and soon to be obsolete. Here are a few sources that still list them on their websites. I just ordered a pair from prostreetonline. FWIW, the price has gone up by approximately 40% since I bought mine last year. Get yours now while you still can. ($142 + $30 shipping) ($143 ea, 15% off with HD5T coupon code + $16.86 UPS ground shipping - I just ordered an extra pair) ($116 ea + $65 shipping)
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