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Hey guys! I spent the early part of my summer redoing and repairing the front of my bumper. Yea... I had to repair it after cracking it and etc from my first experience driving the super low pantera until now when I've grown mature with it. So now I figured it was a good time to invest some hard working sweat, energy, and pain to fix this bumper so it's back to better shape then before!

The stock bumper made out of a very brittle cheap fiberglass mat, since i'm starting to gain experience with carbon fiber (i've been working with titanium alloy a lot in the past 4 years) i've decided to use carbon fiber to do my repairs and blend the front bumper with the flares at the same time to make it look smoother!

Oh, I also wanted to redefine the front trailing edge of the flare with used to be part of the bumper.

It took me hours and many days including two of the days which was just sanding consistantly for 14 hours a day with no break at all! (in my dad's auto body shop).

All the rivets that were orginally on there to hold the bumper to the car were all drilled out, instead I applied urethane glue to hold the bumper in place, much better and super strong!

So here's the result and I thought i would love to share it with you guys!

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Small point: factory 'stock' bumpers are either steel-reinforced rubber or plated steel, and repairs to the rubber unit needs different materials & techniques. The available aftermarket fiberglas bumpers are of wildly varying quality using different resins. But your repairs are a good idea- something I should do to my unknown-mfgr fiberglas bumper thats beginning to delaminate. Thanks for the reminder!
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