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Hi,has anybody  got pictures  of how they  mounted  there AC condenser  and how they  ran and where they ran there hoses and drier up front Also has anybody  done any updates with different  under dash  systems, Any help and pictures  would be appreciated

Thanks  Jimmy


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I have a front mounted condenser in front of a Fluidyne radiator.  The condenser has pusher fans and the Fluidyne has sucker fans.  The Fluidyne is mounted in the stock position.  This all fits nicely and I have done this once before.  The drier will be mounted near the horn (slightly up and to the right) in the headlight cavity.  This is currently in progress.




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Pictures are hard to take of the front mounted A/C system, but mine is Arizona tested and approved to work! I have not done anything to the evaporator unit under the dash other than replace the worn out blower motor and install a R134 expansion valve. The lines going to the condenser are routed along side of the passenger side upper frame rail and the receiver dryer is also there. In the above photo, is there a set of fans in front and on the rear of the radiator? If so, in my opinion, that is a bit of over kill when it comes to moving enough air for the A/C unit to work correctly. Those two large front fans are also going to put a pretty good load on the electrical system. If your engine already has a low speed cooling problem, then I am not sure if a front mounted condenser is a good idea.

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