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Hey guys , am about to rebuild front and rear suspension, wheel hubs and the whole nine yards,for 73 l has been in parts for about 5 years and not quite enough photos taken at the time to jog an old brain. has anyone got good photos of these taken apart and rebuilt. including front spindle assembly. cheers
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Did you buy this car from John?
John also wanted to do the bare minimum, (frown).

The Registry system is now pretty much automatic. You can get the details in the two FAQs pages for the site, but you probably know that...

If you send an e-mail to with some photos, as attachments, including at least one VIN plate, that probably will meet the minimum. Send the largest/highest resolution images you have. Include your VIN in the subject line for fastest processing.

Is there something specific you are looking for?

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I have a section on suspension:

and one specifically on spindle variations:

And one for the front bearings:


and on and on...
I used the site map myself to find some:

If you are not connected to the registry, you should be!

Not shown is a large diameter splash shield for the brake rotor; do not leave this piece out unless you will NEVER hit any puddles while driving! Water on brake rotors= brake pads hydroplane and you wind up soil-sampling out in a field- if you're lucky.
By the way, Bdud, those Koni gas shocks can be mounted upside down for a tiny bit less unsprung weight in your suspension and zero effect on how the shocks work. On some cars, it's even a little easier to get to the adjuster rings when they're mounted upside-down. Note this ONLY applies to Koni gas shocks.
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