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Allright, I take this Q to while I am at it.
The floater in the tank may hit anything while traveling up and down. Or, the resistor (potentiometer) track may be oxided.
Unbolt the sender from the top of the tank and check the mecanism by hand movement.
The floater arm is able to bend to clear the tank baffles.
Goran Malmberg
I noticed that the float was slightly bent as it goes up,it hits 'baffle?'.So the zig zag bend that is on the end,I did two bends to bring the float back in so it does not have as much radius going up.I bent back a quarter inch max.Also make sure you have good and indexed conections.I then tested it before sticking it back in.

The new Autometer Cobalt series gauge are wonderful, especially the fuel gauge, you coudl program the fuel gauge to the exact settings the fuel sender is outputting. So there's no percentage of error with the ohms from the wires, and etc, but you program it when it's empty, fill it up, and let it read the full tank and it calibrates itself. It's real cool.

I'm replacing the AutoMeter Carbon Fiber gauges with the Cobalt ones right now, anyone want to buy all 4 carbon fiber gauge in mint-new condition?


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