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Dear forum,

I'm trying to figure out the function of two of the warning lights on the dashboard of my Longchamp 1984-model (the two big rectangular ones under the APMS gauge. Do anyone know?

By the way I found out the check control unit is the same as on the Lancia Delta (the warning lights are the two on the right side on top of each other).

I haven't seen this dashboard in other Longchamp. It may be a prototype layout? I was informed the first owner of the car was Mrs Isabella DeTomaso.

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  • Dashboard layout 1984 Longchamp
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If you take a picture of the front passenger seat by the seat belt clip I might be able to confirm if it was AC’s car. As for the lights, not sure. She did have a car were the lights flashed if the gas door was open. Guys on the autostrata were always leaving one open and she would go crazy  

If it was her mid 1980s car it was maroon and she had a button below the dash to open the passenger door. She hates to lean to the right. Also that might have been the car with the prototype Weber carburetor.  

That’s her car. She had the passenger seat replaced so she could push the seat back forward. She will tell you it was so her stupid American relatives could get in but it was so she could let the “Doggies” in and out. You might find two straps on the back deck with a snap. That was for the cover for the seats so the dogs will not ruin the leather. Lots of fun in that car. We got side swiped at the race track so the paint should be really good.

What mirrors did they put on. My aunt kept the small mirrors and put them on all but the last car 1989. 

She had these round ones, I think they were off an early car. Yours look like the standard ones we put on. She also had a folding antenna that was mounted on the roof. She did not like power antennas. Too much work keeping clean. 

Not sure what they did with the cars to bring them back to “spec” after she had driven them. She was never hard on the cars but there were things she liked and didn’t like. She is still that way. 

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