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On my group 4 I had a puddle of gas under the car after a couple hours sitting after a drive, and it is still dripping out. I was able to feel around under the car, and felt it coming out of this 3" tube location shown by the arrows in the two photos. There is no hose loose that may have gone there, and I am wondering if I lost some type of screw that should be in that location shown by the arrow. I am not even sure what this part of the gas line this item is that all the hoses are going into. Maybe a filter, but it seems kind of small for that. Help would be appreciated, the garage stinks and I am dizzy as shit monkeying with it!
View from under the car:

View from above the car, from engine bay area (Gas coming out of this 3" tube):
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That there's the fuel pump, and the 3" tube is a mystery to me - I'm looking at an old pump of mine right now and there's a tiny hole almost in the middle of the tube going down into the pump, I'm not sure if it's some sort of pressure valve. There is no threading, and I don't have anything attached to either side, just the line in and out on the bottom of the pump like yours.

Hopefully one of the gurus knows for sure if it's some sort of vent, but likely something has given up inside and you're not going to be able to service it, it's a sealed unit.

Here's a link to one of the pumps at JEGS...

I know Holley and others make versions, it's a matter of deciding your budget and then whether you want to stick with mechanical or go electric.
... I lied, mine is a sealed unit, I just looked at your pictures again and I see yours has bolts all around it, so maybe there's a way to service it (though the JEGS unit also has bolts around the perimeter and it sounds like that is just so you can change the orientation of the pump to accommodate your fuel line routing).

When taking off the lines, have something tapered that you can use to plug the fuel line quickly and you shouldn't loose too much (I think I used a pen on mine - just make sure it's not something that will get eaten by the fuel in the time it takes you to replace the pump).

And see this thread on replacing the pump, some good tips...

Looks like the advice is to go with the RobbMc Performance pump ...

Thanks a lot guys. I went out to look at it again, this time putting out my cigarette first. Yes, the bottom of the tank is plugged, so the gas line is coming from above. I think I will take this one to a shop to fix. I just did my black car with gas filters a few months ago, and that job is just messy as hell with gas. Plus this pump seems to be in a real tight spot, not sure if I have the patience for it. I cannot see any wires to it, so I can only suppose it is a mechanical pump.
The 3" tube is where they insert the pivot axle thingy that the internals pivot around. If it's leaking I wouldn't spend a second on repairing it, get a new. And be sure to get one with the same amount of GPH, because if you occasionally "Do 200", you don't want a lean spot at high rpm because the new pump is inferior to the old. And BTW, don't "Do 200" with this leaky pump, it doesn't live up its as new performance.
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This pump is very suseptable to cracking right where that aeorquip pipe to -6 adapter is. Regardless of the brand, they are all made from that zinc pot metal alloy right there on that extension.
It may have been fine when you installed the adapter but they can and will crack over time, sometimes needing a magnifying glass to see.
I speak from experience on them.
I have cracked three that I can remember, and my memory isn't that great anymore?
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