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Gentleman George Peloquin passed away on Friday from advanced Leukemia. I saw him two days before he died at his home. He was surrounded by family and friends, plenty of them. He was alert, friendly and not in apparent pain. He told me the end was near and the next time I would see him would be at his grave. He related that he had a full and fun life and done everything he had wanted to. We knew George for almost 30 years and had nothing but respect for him. He loved Panteras and had his own special way of preparing them. He also had a background in professional drag racing, including top fuel dragsters. Linda and George once faced off in a drag race at old Carlsbad raceway that was almost too close to call. The winner's light came on in Linda's lane and years later, George said he let off just before the lights to let Linda win. He was that kind of guy. We miss him already. Pur Gold = Pur Class. Dave and Linda
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My sympathies to George's family.

I didn't know George, never met him, but my son Kyle and I had a long discussion at the 2006 PI holiday event about Pur Gold. The car is not to our taste but the attention to detail and the obvious coinviction he had to the car and his vision was clearly there for everyone to see. We came back to the car many times during the day, each time seeing some detail we didn't see the time before. In the end my son walked away with a better understanding that its not the canvas but the painting......
Originally posted by Mark Mensen:
George was very nice guy and easy to talk to. I believe he also drove (not trailered) his show car to Vegas thats pretty cool 200+ miles each way

Probably the lowest sitting Pantera I have seen! That's how he liked it Smiler

I met George the first year he drove Pur Gold to Las Vegas. He not only drove the car there, but then took it out to the drag strip and raced it the next day. He was a nice guy and enjoyed his car.
I met George in Vegas 4 or 5 years ago. He was friendly and enjoyed telling me about his "pure gold".
I was totally blown away by the amazing Tom Hovarth paint job on that car. It's actually the same candy colour as mine but laid over a different base. I looked and looked but could not find a fault in that body work. It's cars like this that inspire me to achieve perfection.

I always assumed that George trailered that car everywhere until I saw it drive past the window of the Mad Greek. I said Bloody Hell! he actually drives it..
Originally posted by andriyko:
I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet George.

He certainly did a masterful job to his car.

Can anyone tell me whether he had the 4.6 DOHC or the 5.4 DOHC in the car?

When I first met George he had the 4.6 DOHC engine and his car was one of the first ones that I saw that was converted. He may have changed it to a 5.4 later, but the 4.6 DOHC ran better than I would have thought it could. He showed me how well it would rev in the parking lot in Las Vegas that first time he drove the car there. This guy was not afraid to drive this car or to hot rod it.

He was also a very nice guy and I am sure he will be missed.
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