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Well I finally got some time to look over my goose, and what did I discover, but the wings and hood are fiberglass. Well, i guess I now know that it is less orginal than I thought. That said, still nice to have one. I sat with my repair guys and we talked about how to get another inch of driving space as my 6'1 frame is mostly torso,and therefore I can not really fit in it.

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William, what is your car's number? I'd love to see some photos and I'm sure I'm not alone.

It's funny what you can miss the first time you look at a car. Mine had a plexiglass side window but because it was mostly retracted (and no power attached) I didn't notice until I got it home that it wasn't actually glass. They even used a green tinted plastic so it looks like glass at first glance.

Weii, the first 'Goose I ever drove was a tight fit for my 6'2" self, and hitting a series of whoops at 90 mph killed the engine! Seems my left knee managed to hit the key and switch it off... I drove the thing about 40 miles and it was tighter than the Pantera but not impossible. Now, driving the Miura- THAT was inpossible! I did 5.0 miles and never again! If there's no comfortable way for you to fit in the seat, and the car is already altered, conside taking it to a pro body shop and having a 'Gurney bubble' added to the roof. Guaranteed, no one in any Club will yell at you for doing this, and a pro can make it look stock; tell them Abarth did it. I don't advise trying to drop the floorpan- the pans are uncomfortably close to the ground already.
I am 6'1" as well.

When I first tried to fit in a Mangusta at Hall's - well it was impossible.

After I saw Mark Charlton's Mangusta, I just to had to try in on. No dice ... I forgot how poorly I fit. Mark was also expressing concern that I not break anything getting in or out. The steering wheel almost neutered me.

Beautiful milestone car of significance. But, if I can't drive it and I don't fit ... I have to pass.
Its always possible if you want it bad enough. The current POCA President Mark McWhinney is 6"4 and 230 lbs with a long torso.... and he drives his Pantera to 'Vegas from N California each year (500 miles 1 way) for Fun Rallies and track events. He didn't fit either- so he completely removed the driver's seat and had two thin upholstered pads made that VELCRO to the floor mat and the firewall! He also drives stocking-footed. Another owner with exceptionally long legs made a 2" thick spacer that fits beweeen the front firewall and the brake/clutch/gas pedal plate, pushing them further into the trunk for more leg room. But the most dedicated owner I know is my friend Ron in WA state who is paralyzed from the waist down. His Pantera has motorcycle controls with a vacuum-power clutch to match the power brake, which he did himself since no shop wanted the liability for doing such a mod to a 150-mph sports car. He was honored at a recent Seattle car show when he drove his Pantera onto the dais. I've since found another paralyzed Pantera owner in So-Cal but haven't seen how he did his conversion.
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