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I found a potential project car in my area I’d like to make an offer on. I'm not quite sure what a going rate would really be on it though. I'll be getting a bunch more details tomorrow, though I’m pretty sure it's a 1973 Pantera. Looks pretty much entirely stock, though it hasn't ran in the last 20 years. It's also been sitting outside for a few of those. I think it's a complete car. It would look though to be a frame down restoration.

Anyway, would anyone happen to know what abouts the value on something like this is? Without rust? With rust?



Took a look at it, It appears to be a complete car. The rats have definitely gotten in it so the wiring is pretty toast. Most everything has a bit of surface rust. The only thing that appears to be rusted thru is the corners of the door jambs. The car S/N is 5103.
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If it hasn't run in 20 years, the engine and transaxle both probably need an overhaul $$$.

From what I have heard. Even if people start the engine periodically; if they don't take it out for a drive, all of the gears in the transaxle will rust on the top side.

It's hard to say what it is worth, not knowing or seeing the car... but if you can pick it up cheap (less than $15K) and have the time, money and patience to restore it, it could be a good deal. Spend more time researching the problems with the car and how much it is to repair those problems.

What area of the world are you in? Maybe someone close by who knows Panteras can have a look at it for you. An educated second opinion is worth a lot!
opie, my requirments are black,GT5(replica preferably, early 'L')in perfect order. If not possible, I would consider a restoration project in order to create my ideal car.
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Are you in the market for a particular model, price, and/or condition? I may be contacted directly @ opiecars2@cs.com

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My comment is based upon 30 plus years of experience with this marque. In some situations, if you were given this car for free, it could still be the biggest, baddest, cash-suckin' black hole you have ever encountered. Like Linda says, a bad-ass Pantera can clean out your wallet faster than an ex-wife on an alimony run. Please don't consider the restoration of a rusty or incomplete car, unless you have major bodyworking and paint skills. The first time you involve an outside paint and body contractor in a rusty project, you will immediately disgorge any savings or anticipated value that you had anticipated. You can expect all systems to require overhaul or replacement. A/C, brakes, cooling, electrical, clutch, etc. Factor in the cost of the interior, wheels, tires, etc., and it is hard to make a compelling argument for a restoration project, at least from a value standpoint. In Pantera International magazine, we have reported on many owners who derive a great deal of pleasure out of restoring a car, exactly to their tastes, irregardless of cost. If that shoe fits you, then try not to spend more than $10,000.00 on the platform-donor car. Let us know what you finally end up doing. We don't want you to become the next set of bleached bones in the failed restoration desert of the Pantera hobby. Happy holidays, Dave & Linda
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I'm in Central Oregon, though from what it really sounds like, the guy believes he can put $10k in it and be able to sell it for $30,000. Guess i'll have to keep looking.


He could probably take a rough car, cleaned it up, paint it and sell it for $30k but then the buyer would find out how bad he got screwed before he got home.
Currenlty have a 1973 Pantera Black /Black that has been stored for about the last 15 years. The car is being professionally restored and should be avalible the end of January. If interested email me at marko339@aol.com
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