I again have available for Goose owners, the proper paper air intake tubing for the connection of the Goose air cleaner to the rear air intakes! See picture.


Also, I have the defroster tubing for the dash. If you missed the last batch I had, you missed the lower prices....even with the drop of the Euro to the dollar...the price went up by 30% by the supplier. These were shipped from Europe, which is also factored into the pricing. I could not locate this proper tubing any where in the US.

The rear hoses are a paper accordion tubing 80mm x 1000mm hose and the defrosters are, as found on my car, 1-30mm x about 50mm and 1-24mm x about 50mm hose with two pieces of 30mm taped to the ends....

Now, I have learned/heard that some cars got two pieces of 30mm hose, eliminating the patched up 24mm hose, but many, like mine, got the 24mm piece with the 30mm ends taped on and one 30mm hose.

It seems that the 24mm piece may have fit better on it's vertical run on one side of the heater box, but the 24mm hoses definitely do NOT fit the heater fittings at the lower air box OR the vents in the bottom of the dash! I tried..... so you do need to put the 30mm ends on with black tape.

I think it depends on when your car was built and with which dash configuration. I haven't seen enough late cars to know what is correct for I'll present two pricing options:

1) Two rear hoses 80x1000mm, one 30mm defroster hose and one 24mm defroster hose= $175

2) Two rear hoses 80x1000mm, and two 30mm defroster hoses= $185

3) Two rear hoses 80x1000mm= $140

All prices are without shipping, you pay actual. I use Fed Ex and the USPS where it is cheaper.

If you want original.....this is how it was done.

I have limited amounts of the 24mm tubing left, so please contact me if you are reading this post some time after post see what I have in stock yet.

Thanks for looking!


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I need the paper inlet tubes. Let me know how to pay, etc. I also am still looking to buy or make the aluminum bulhead castings and I need the paper tube straps or enough data to make them. Thanks.

OK, located a fresh batch of the air cleaner inlet tubes!  

Don't settle for "it fits" when you can have "it's correct"!!!     Your car is worth it....always has been!  Get them before the stock is discontinued!

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