Notice that the passenger-side gills have been altered. Most of the panels look pretty rough. Re-making the front will be a big challenge too. Interesting starting point for a really cool customized Mangusta if the reserve is right.

Interestingly, this is supposed to be the same car:
Can you spell MONEY!???

This would be a major project. It does occur to me that Larry Stock just acquired molds for a fiberglass Mangusta. That could be helpful if anyone thinks they want a project from hell.

With only 401 made, it is a shame this car will most likely never see a road again...

Yes, I saw it. That would easily be a $100,000 project to complete. It was very tempting though.

You would have to get it for virtually nothing to make it a practical project and you would have to build it yourself.

To say that it is not an easy one is the understatement of the year. Good luck to who ever bought it.
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