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There is an entire post on this car, offered on Craig's list out of Michigan in 2019.

I must say that the pictures on Craig'slist were better than what Dyler offer us! Almost got motion sickness from looking at the Dyler pictures......SOOOO many of nothing much........time not well spent behind a camera!  Musta been "grandkids" day to run the camera......

If that price was in Euros, isn't it being offered at about $230K?  If so, very reasonable for a solid platform....

IMHO as always!

M!ke, for sure, yes this is 8ma1074 from Emeryville...I thought it was a bargain at US$189k  (about the price the guys paid for it and a '64 Vette), still took a long time to go to and leave Gullwing motors. My opinion: a very solid and original car, pretty much only needing a jackshaft, welding the ears back on the bellhousing, and normal TLC for a 50 year old car. But no rust, no signs of trauma/wreck,  only the visible flesh wounds to deal with but otherwise benefitting from 35 years hidden behind a false wall in a garage there in Emeryville...Lee

Denis, sharp eyes, I hadn't noticed the rear markers were missing...I guess it was fate then to end up in Europe The car had been topcoated at some time, there were traces of paint on the windshield gasket.  But even the door jambs seemed original paint and all the chassis looked only old, no sign of repair. I seem to remember they still had the bellhousing ears and idler pulley with bracket-- but no jackshaft and no headlight lever. The AC, original manifold (#201), distributor, smog pump, original fuel lines, handbrake lever, water valve, heater, choke riser tube, tool bag etc were in boxes mixed up with some other car. Almost for sure, the other pieces were somehow in the house where the 'crazy Eddie' (the guy there in the same neighborhood who had built the fake wall so it could not be seen with the garage door open...). But as some estates and some families work, the pair in Emeryville were able to negotiate getting the 2 cars but received no help from the family, and you can bet that the jackshaft landed up in a recycle bin somewhere...

  But miles of original undercoating, oil pan, valve covers, and inspection marks everywhere.  As rust-free as a 50 year old Mangusta could be, with really no fabrication needed for the body (save the trunk floor I think, lord knows why these seem to disappear on Mangustas). The interior rear view mirror came up for sale on Ebay after the car was on sale at Gullwing. I mention this only because I had enough willpower Not to buy a spare (!). But that mirror is still on my mystery list (I cannot identify where that mirror may have been used on any other car).

  I said the price was a bargain, since around that time a few project cars came up for sale and $125k seemed to be the floor for a car that had rust, minimum 8 boxes of parts removed and wouldn't run...But when if the result is to be a $250k car, suddenly 1000 hours of work are needed and well, you better really want to do it... This car will end up a good one, I'm lucky the pair selling the car were kind enough to let me just take pictures of it...Lee

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