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I already did, but clearly not enough. I can't say I'm all that happy with the jump because it means everything will now cost more (insurance, parts) and the only benefit to me would be if I sell. I can't believe these market highs can last forever, so it is something to consider. Of course, once sold, I might never again be able to buy one. Rather reminds of when I thought $45K was out of reach for a Miura. Yes, a while ago.

Rather reminds of when I thought $45K was out of reach for a Miura. Yes, a while ago.

Ha! I remember when a Miura could be had for $12-$14K - out of my reach at the time, but unfortunately their prices have significantly outstripped my purchasing power. And the same goes for Iso's and Bizarinni's. Such a shame.
Originally posted by Italian STALLION:
All Mangusta owners should be very happy today. The Goose at Bonhams sold for $331,000.I think we all need to bump our insurance up.


It really is a syndrome similar to what happened with the Cobras. The cars legend becomes far greater than what the actual truth was and there are still those who can afford anything at virtually any price. Not even the "1%" the .1%.

Even Panteras have approached a "replacement" value of where theoretically if a car was to be returned to new and you needed parts like the burned and melted Mangusta does, the total is going to be in the stratosphere.

Really that is why there are less and less cars being driven, in my view. Many simply have become museum pieces and are not worth the risk of being "driven" on our roads where you are just playing Russian Roulette with the quantity of incompetent and flat out dangerous drivers, over burdened roads and infrastructure and increasingly manic weather changes.

Go down the list. Mangusta, Miura, Cobra but even they don't approach a Ferrari GTO at OVER $50 million (52 to be exact)?

The only thing left is to cash it in Mark. It's just the way it is.

All that sale does is make everyone else think that theirs is worth the same and they just won't see the fact that the buyer just had to have one and he could afford anything he wants at any price.

It's the old salesman's adage about selling the million dollar row boat. You only need to find "the buyer" and you only need to sell one.

...oh, and exactly what do think just happened to the price on Santiago's remaining Mangusta parts after seeing that auction result? I can only imagine?
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