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Watching that was alternately fun and painful. Fun because the car is beautiful and sounds great. Painful because;

1. De Tomaso was an Argentinian, not a Brazilian,
2. the cars were built with the 351 Cleveland, not a "350" Cleveland,
3. you could not see the rivets holding the GT5 fender flares to the body,
4. there were more than "three or four" 90Si Panteras built, and
5. 90Si Panteras had less power than their predecessors, not more.

Sigh. Well, at least Paul had the initiative to make a nice video and post it on YouTube, which is more than I have ever managed, so maybe I should just shut up and be thankful.

Anyway, the car in this video is #9544, now in Sydney, Australia (photo below courtesy of Longchamp-driving and all 'round nice guy Stuart Fereday). Its stablemate in its new home is #9537, formerly owned by Steve Butler and then Gavin Hutton in the UK. The rare RHD GT5-S Panteras are migrating from the UK to Down Under. #9516 and #9543 also recently made the journey, and #9532, the former Peter Saywell car, went to some very nice folks in New Zealand.


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