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It took a couple months but I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
Fronts are 17x8 (5 3/8" backspacing)
Rears are 18x11 (6 1/2" backspacing)
Falken Azenis RT615K+ tires
225/45 front
295/40 rear
Ordered from and picked up in person in San Leandro. These are apparently made to order. They are literally a mom and pop shop and really nice folks.

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Those are one of the very few aftermarket wheels that really suit the Pantera. Now that you have them on the car, if you were doing it all over, would you have done anything different? Would you “adjust” the offsets you used or even the sizes of wheels or tires? It looks pretty perfect to me but this info will help other owners that might be considering new wheels and tires.

Thanks David. I agree. I'm normally not a fan of fake knock-offs but these are done so well and look so good, I like them.
And no, I wouldn't do anything different. Fit really turned out perfect. No interference anywhere, no rubbing. They fill the wheelwells nicely.
I do have (and recommend) coilovers so you can set right height properly.
I did have my front fenders professionally rolled per the TSB spec (mine wasn't factory rolled apparently).
I have some De Tomaso logo metal hub stickers on the way.
Here's a close-up:

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Etsy, of all places. 40mm flat:

Shipped out of Portugal but arrived in about 2 weeks. Really nice quality and a PERFECT fit.

Those are Nice! I has thinking about having the Centers Engraved, but this is a easier way to go. I don't have to dismount the wheels! lol (Lazy)  Did You get the flat or Domed? Not at home, do You remember size? Thanks

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