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All with their master cylinders exposed!

I was going thru my Goose parts, actually doing a half butt inventory and ran across a quantity of the "for brake fluid" green fabric covered hose used for junctions of the copper tubing from the fluid bottles/reservoirs to the master brake and clutch cyls.

It seemed like there was only a couple of inches used at each junction, which there should be 6 if I count properly.  But my steel sieve mind has slipped some content thru it....and I can't recall how much I used.....and I wanted to give some to Bill for his car.

I do recall my original pieces being very not roadworthy after 30 or so years......

Question:  How much total hose does it take to do a Goose????   ('m thinking 18" or 24" should do the trick!


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...With the original intake tubes soldered to the banjos, maybe less than a foot is needed (I can only think of a single splice per each of the 3 bottles). My car replaced the tubed pipes with simple banjos and took longer hoses. So why not be generous , the tubing was used on VW (as well as the bottles themselves, they are from Type-1 VW) and hose is available from Beetle houses  (though for some reason, I remember the outside diameter of the feed pipes are more like 4.5mm...)

(btw on reservoirs, these were used on early Pantera as well --

Gents, thanks for the motivation to take a close look at these parts  As it turns out my clutch hose had absolutely petrified itself. Bending it slightly made amazing crackling sounds........had to cut off the old 'rubber' with a utility knife; razor blades were too flimsy.  There other two hoses weren't as bad...... but all ready for replacement.

All three segments were the same length - 95mm. The BAD thing is how hard it is to reach these parts - especially the clutch connection - even with the dash top & front removed. One of those painful Mangusta jobs for sure!!  Cheers, Nate a Fluid lines originala Mangusta hose removal


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  • a Fluid lines original
  • a Mangusta hose removal

Thanks Lee!  I actually thought the seals might be OK since they weren't rock hard yet but just checked and they really don't fit the reservoirs properly - as if they have swollen a bit.  At least nice having VW replacements out there vice having to call the local Ferrari dealership or something

As for the extension on the banjo bolt, it plays some role in positioning the 'shuttle' section of the m/c assembly.  The photo shows parts from a 246 Dino, which must use a very similar m/c.  As a wild guess, the rotational position of that shuttle seems irrelevant, but axial positioning (or restraint) COULD be if there was a front or rear circuit failure.  I DO know that the 'pin' is a common Bonaldi feature....even on late Panteras (which don't use banjos) the function is taken by a separate screw that is 'hidden' under one of the reservoir plugs.

So imo nice to have a pin of some sort in there if your shuttle has the slot!!


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  • Goose brake master Dino 246 a
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