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My local engraving shop can make engine number plates for us.  These plastic plates are for later cars.  Earlier cars have an aluminum plate.  Our vendors do not have the plastic plate (not sure about aluminum).  Your engine number will be engraved on the plate and looks similar to the original.  Your original plate was reverse stamped.  If you get one of these then keep your original plate in the file folder for your car.  These come without holes and this insures it will sit flat when you install it (mine was warped from the factory).  

The price for one plate at my engraver is $27.  The price drops for a larger batch.  I won't know the actual price until I place the order but it will be $27 or less.  Please send me a PM and include your engine number if you want one.



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If you missed the group buy, you can still get one of these.  I simply email your engine number to my engraver.  He calls me when it is ready (normally in less than a week) and then I mail it to you.  I do not charge for this.  He has been charging $27 plus tax for a single order.  He reduces the price on a batch order. Please send me a PM with your engine number if you want one.

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