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I am unsure what you mean by a “small plate behind the booster”.

The only full VIN number stamped into the actual body of a Pantera is located on the top of the pedal box. It is not a plate, it is stamped/embossed into the actual chassis metal.

there is an aluminum plate pop riveted above the VIN that has a cut out section leaving the stamped VIN visible.

“3000 etc” tag …… I have been in the deTomaso  family for over 20 years and I have absolutely zero knowledge or idea of what this is referencing

Have you used the search function on this forum? There is a wealth of previously posted information that will be of help for you in your search.


As I said in my first reply. The verification you need is the VIN number stamped into the pedal box, not on a plastic tag BSN attached with pop rivets.

The BSN that Mike Drew refers - and the 3000 etc plate you wrote of - is stamped onto a plastic tag that is pop riveted to the car.

it is something that you would WANT to see on a genuine GTS, but like the clock, the emblems and the flares, it can be added to a regular car at a later date.


If you get lucky, there is a super-rare version known as a 'GTS/Gr-3' sold only in Europe. They were actually a street legal racecar that the factory made class legal for Gr-3 racing. And like all other Euro GTS cars, there were no special badges, markings etc but they did have their own Supplemental Factory Parts Catalogue with a 6 or 8-point factory roll cage, the famous 10" x 15" magnesium Campy rear wheels, repositioned a-arm pickups, Weber carbs, another 50 hp etc. They also have their own Registry run out of Sweden. Around 40 known to exist (one in CA, one in Br. Columbia, the rest scattered around Europe) but back in the day, you could order the parts and build one at home that would be internationally race-legal. Expensive but street licensable in the US!

rene4406  I think those little differences are the whole point and what make the car unique and desirable.  Pop riveted flairs, special paint combo, clock on dash, emblems, decals etc etc.  Not a whole lot different than most marques.  Many special cars from various manufactures are merely an appearance package that demand a premium. Check out a GTO Judge for instance or a Twister Special Mustang.

@Sharkey posted:

Consider a 1975 Pantera GTS with factory DeTomaso build sheets/docs. Car lived in Daytona Beach back in the 90's, we serviced this car for as many years. Car relocated to Miami approx 6 years ago. 305-322-9108 Pantera Miami

Hey Sharkey -

With this being a 1975 model, who would have made the motor? Was it still Ford, just out of Aussie-land?


A very early Embo chassis by the look of the squared off rear inner fenders, is the VIN# an 8XXX or 9XXX? Should have the lower floor pans and extra headroom. They were all sold as either GTS, GT5 or GT5S at that point, but again the only cars to bear 'GT' in the VIN were the 150 US specific GTS package cars.

Aussie Cleveland's were not introduced until the mid to late 80's.

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Julian, Sharkey write vin #7489 , small space from the license plate ?

Embo was produced chassis after #9185 , of arround this build numbers.

The first 9000 series #185 units are build by an other factory.

It's possible into 1975 they use a early 9000 chassis and a pre 9000 body panels.

the original paper work will tell us.

For me it looks a nice and clean Pantera .


You're correct, Otis. The Ford Casting plant at Geelong in Australia continued to make 351-C and 302-C engines until March of 1982, and DeTomaso was one of those who benefited from the continued production. NOS stock wasn't fully used up until sometime in 1984 according to many reports. So some GT5-S cars did get 351-C engines as OEM.

This car is a 1975 GTS. They did not inset GT in the vin in Europe.

It has a notable difference in HP on the plus side from other Panteras of the day, as Rena mentioned, and has leather sets also afore mentioned, plus taller gearing & more headroom.

Perhaps an early (or first) DeTomaso pilot car (?) using Embo chassis. It was obviously born this way. Verrrrry few Panteras built by DeTomaso in 1975 because they had to use left over parts! You know DeTomaso kept very little on the shelf so to speak. If you had to go find another '75 you probably couldn't. It's a very rare and special car that can be driven anywhere anytime. We installed Mind Train exhaust withOUT baffles a few years ago, so don't even think about sneaking up on anyone....

I feel the car is appropriately priced for the pedigree. $125/I'll listen to offers.

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