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I have seen this car several times. I know the owner, Paul Rimov, very well. He did an AMAZING total bare metal restoration, full rewiring, every little detail to the most exacting degree. If you have the $$$, this is a wonderful car. He probably is not going to lower the price much --- if at all. But worth every penny, absolutely every penny. There is one thing totally wrong with the car though --- it is not parked in my garage next to 2511 ;-)

1.5 Years ago I spoke with Paul, the car was for sale ,priced at about 72k I think, He said he would not go any lower than 60k. looks like a very nice car. Buy it now for 56k is good deal. If the car is as clean and rust free as it seems to be, its worth more than 56K. If my wife would'nt kick my A**, I'd buy it for 56, take it to PI and put it up for sale at 72ish. Note , I have not seen the car yet, It would have to be Clean / Show. Best of luck
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Before bidding you should always check the car out first. Email the vendor, he'll respond if he is serious ask where the car is and check it out. Last year I did that with a car that looked REAL GOOD,went and see it we couldn't get a magnet to stick anywhere NOT EVEN ON THE ROOF. Yeah the pics looked real good. Good Luck Rob6145
Not really sure why it hasn't sold other than it's in the upper end of the range that Pantera's usually trade in.

It looks to be a very nice car and I agree with the previous posts that it's worth the asking price. I doubt you could duplicate this car for $56k if you bought a run-of-the-mill car and paid for comparable work and features. -Many hours sitting there.

If you're considering purchasing the car, you may want to inquire about how it was brought into the country and how it is currently licensed. There are some potential problems licensing Euro cars depending upon your state and the previous licensing history.

Euro GTS cars (if it indeed is) had some performance/drive train upgrades where US spec versions were basically a cosmetic package (I own a US GTS). Good luck.
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Originally posted by new & slow:
I thought I had heard that the owner changed his mind about selling his car.

Dave said that happens a lot. I would imagine especially with guys who have the high end cars. They look at all the time and money they put in to it and what they can get for all that effort on resale and just say "What the hell?" May as well just keep it and enjoy it. Wink

And to be honest, I recently tried to sell my car on this BB on only got offered a dollar. So maybe everyone is just hunting for a bargin???
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