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I bought #5440 last fall, and I noticed early on that on the right side of the exhaust, the resonators in the exhaust tips were missing. If I use a flashlight and look down the pipes I can see that they appear to go into a Y-shaped pipe. This is true also for the left side, that has the resonators.

When looking through documents that came with the car, I found a bunch of receipts from the De Tomaso factory. Two of the items purchased were:
Silenziatore DX GR3 and Silenziatore SX GR3.
That sounds like Gr3 mufflers..? (This was back in ´89, price was 330.000 lire each.)

Much can have happened, of course, since then.
Can the resonators be removed on the left side?

The engine runs well, but still, it feels like a left/ right back pressure mismatch. I´m still learning a little every day, and would appreciate any ideas on this.

Here´s a video where one can clearly hear the difference in sound on the left/ right side.
Note, left muffler newly painted black in this video.


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