Tom Cotter  follows a tip from a viewer that leads him to a former Buick dealership in Iowa where he finds a 1968 DeTomaso Mangusta.

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Wow thanks for posting! Is this Goose known to the registry? I didn't not hear any mention of the VIN. Did anyone notice if he mentioned where the engine was?

I have to rant on the "barn find" term. This looks like an actively maintained collection in a secure warehouse. No barn, no finding, etc...

 My take away from watching this was one of sadness. Here is an obviously very knowledgeable car collector with multiple cars worthy of attention, restoration and enjoyment. Instead, they all sit in various states of decay and unfinished restoration with none of them able to be driven and enjoyed.  And that is likely how they will remain until the gentleman passes away to that great garage in the sky. 

 I can’t help thinking the owner should bite the bullet and sell half the collection in order to get the funds to restore the other half and then actually be able to enjoy those cars daily instead of just now and then getting to show them off to an interested viewer. 

His cars. His choices. His loss.

My two cents.


Larry I had the same feel. Clearly that man was not well and I spent most of the episode with my heart going out to him, wondering what he had been through in the past. Truly a grim reminder of how BAD life can get. Like you said, off'ing just one or two of those cars would likely provide the funds needed to get the all the rest cleaned up and running. I have a feeling the road blocks run much deeper than finance problems.

Here's to everyone overcoming their personal demons and living the best life possible.


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