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I believe that I posted where I found these little my "Oops I'm doing it again" post where I documented the resto/redo of the #878 engine compartment, new engine, and adventures.....   I do not have that info handy at this time, but the kits were inexpensive and once I had the part number, relatively easy to find.


Some Pantera parts vendors have otherwise junk halfshafts in their 'Possibles" pile. Call around- all the parts you need do is mostly keep freshly greased halfshafts from slinging excess grease around the engine compartment. I've not tried but quite a few machines from the '60s-'70s used much the same parts- TVR Griffen etc and you might get lucky on the thread size. Sometimes the cork ring is instead a felt ring.

100_2793OK, in the "I don't throw enough away department"  I found my original receipt for my axle seal kits WAY down at the bottom of the pile of receipts I put away!!!

I apologize as I did NOT put the info in my "Oops" post.....just a picture of a halfshaft!  Lotta good that does......brain is telling me that I took pictures of the kits and the job.....I can't find pictures.......! Bad brain no biscuit!

OK, you want a "D3A" "dust cap" kit.   About $13 in 2009!

I got mine from Drive Line Service of Concord, Pittsburg CA.  925-427-1200

More notes....I have a "Small Parts" list (J300P-9) page 13  from of "Dust Cap Assemblies"    Fits both 1350 and 1410 series halfshaft I presume....various dimensions of shaft parts/splines...  Not exactly sure which one this is but both take the same kit.

You will get a new threaded cap, cork seal, and some sort of a backing washer.

Ebay has them to if you search Spicer D3A still around $13!



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