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2 half-shafts for sale. Approximate mileage 10K. Re-built by previous owner. One has Spicers, the other unknown but stamped made in the USA. Also includes 1 new Spicer.

Sale price is $250 plus shipping.

Will trade for the following items:

(2)8” L model Campy rims.
(Must be from an “L” model. NO cracks or previous repairs. Needing paint is OK.)

Left rear splash shield.
(Must be from a Pre-L.)

Windshield wiper motor shield.
(I think Pre-L and L are the same.)

Rear shoulder belts for a Pre-L model.
(These are the separate shoulder belts that hang from the bulkhead cover.)

7/8" GTS rear sway bar

Please respond by PM.


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