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Hi, has anyone used Hall pantera wheel spacers with the 17" hall pantera wheels? I like the look of mine, but have been wanting to change them so the car has a wider track, sort of fill the gap, not unlike pantera east wheels, but to spend 4k on wheels in this economy is not going to happen. So a compromise, space out the Hall pantera wheels? effectvely getting rid of the so called funny car look, which I agree it does kinda of look silly.
Thanks for any input.
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Depending on what Hall wheels you own, you could justify new ones easily if your curent assemblies are the three-piece bolt-together Ultras. These wheels are infamous for breaking the tiny bolts that hold the assemblies together or splitting the inners or outers around the bead, resulting in instant deflation. The last case was about 10 months ago in N. CA. 3-piece Ultras are RACING wheels and should be x-rayed each year before use. There are no spares; Gary is gone and the shop that made them for Hall in the '80s is also gone. Evod Industries in So-Cal can spin you better-than-new rim halves if you send them the broken parts. The new halves will come back stamped "NOT FOR ROAD USE- RACING ONLY" and they will not be cheap, but at least you'll get to find which one lets go next... usually one of the wide, heavily loaded rears. Keep your seat belts cinched tight and carry a cell phone.
David B- Your wheels look so good! Makes me want to throw mine out, seriously.

Yes my old wheels were 17". The cap & spinners look good. Are the spinners from me? I don't remember the center cap. I spent some time polishing those on a cold December weekend. Did you get the nuts also ? I did like my old wheels but having seen a close picture of yours, yours is definately my favorite.
When I bought these wheels they came with caps like yours AND these spinners. Yes, those are your caps. I put some rubber trim around them because they used to squeak. I traded parts with Bohdan and got your caps and covers. I have spacers on these wheels and use the extended female lugs which torqued at 90-100 lbs tend to wear the covers. Luckily I have extras, thanks to you and Bohdan.

Here's the crazy part. I bought these wheels, mounted with new Michelin Pilots for half of what I got selling my original GT5 15" Campys. Finding 15" rubber was impossible, expensive and although I liked the look from the rear with 15's, every other view of the car improved with the 17s.
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